Sunglass Sass

I've noticed that lots of ladies, especially busy moms, are always digging in their purse for things like lip gloss, gum, tissues, their ever elusive keys, legos (that would be me), sunglasses..... I'm really bad about keeping mine in a case and so they either end up at the bottom of my purse somewhere or flopping off the top of my head and landing on the ground. I don't like those neoprene cords that hold glasses around the neck either ~ so not sexy.

I think a bit of Sunglass Sass is what's needed to keep sunglasses accessible and of course, it should be something cute so....a fabric flower, a bit of ribbon, some strong magnets and you're all set to create something sweet and functional to add to your wardrobe.

oh yes! You can knit or crochet a flower too!

Here's my material list:

fabric strip(s)
fabri-tac glue
decorative buttons for flower (optional)
a bit of ribbon
liquid fusion glue
really strong magnets (i got mine here)
a larger, coordinating button for the back

Make yourself a fabric flower (or knit one).

Embellish your finished flower with a pretty button (optional) and a bit of ribbon. The ribbon will become the holder for your sunglasses.

Loop the ribbon and attach it to the back of your flower using the liquid fusion or whichever strong glue you like. Add your magnets to the ribbon and also to the button you'll use for the back of your flower.

Admire your work and make some more because they're super easy...

Always know where your sunglasses are and have a cute accessory too!

Definite sass!!!

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