is pinterest the greatest thing ever or what?!? 

honestly, i'm totally addicted to it; not only is it eye candy to the n-th degree ~ it's also a great way to stay visually organized as well as a wonderful place to dream and get inspired. what's even cooler is when you discover that something you've made has been pinned. AWE SOME! you could have knocked me over with a feather when i first discovered that i'd been pinned and i try not to check too often (don't want my head expanding too much) though it is a great way to find out what's on your blog that people are drawn to, especially if you have an online store. 

if you've been wondering how to check if anyone has pinned one of your fabulous creations, just type the following into your browser to take a look-see: of your blog 

here are some of the items i've made that have found their way onto pinterest,  the great and powerful. and if you happen to be one of the people responsible for getting me up there...

Merci Beaucoup!!!

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