Coffee Meant Just For You

I know...I know....there's a ton of coffee cozies floatin' around out there and you might be thinking, "another one?" Please indulge me here.

They're all super cute right? Knitted, felted, embroidered, sewn, embellished...you name it. What I haven't seen though are cozies personalized with the favorite coffee drink of the coffee drinker. Sooooo, I thought I'd give that a try and it's easy to do with iron-on transfer paper that you can run through your printer.

I happen to always order a "grande split drip in a vente double cup" that's a medium half regular half decaf coffee in a large cup because I like lots of half n half in mine so I need the extra room in my cup. Yes, I'm one of those high maintenance coffee orderers. The truth is out.

I used the tutorial from House On Hill Road which was very user friendly and just adjusted it to include the text on the fabric. I used Publisher for my text; just remember to mirror your image before you print it out onto the transfer paper (which is kind of pricey at about $10 for 3 sheets).



another example of personalization

What's great about these is that you can make 3 or 4 of them using a couple of fat quarters (which are often on sale at Joanne's) some buttons, elastics, and quilt batting (I love Natural Wonder). A sewing machine is quicker but not necessary so don't stress it if you don't have one.

Enjoy your coffee and be fancy at your favorite coffee house with some bling around your cup that's meant just for you!

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