French Market Bag

Since I've never been to France I can't really claim that this is the kind of bag the French actually use when they do their marketing but the saying on the outside is in French so there it is.

If your not familiar with the Graphics Fairy yet, you really out to head on over - she's got over 2,000 free images to download and if you're a fan of all things vintage/victorian you're bound to find something you'll love to use on a project.

I got inspired to make this bag from this tutorial over at Creative Cain Cabin. It's fairly simple and while not completely detailed you shouldn't have any trouble following along, even if you're new to the sewing arena. The inside fabric was from an old duvet that I had and the outside was in the upholstery section of Fabric Barn (only $3.50/yd!) so this cost me about $4 to make.

I'm still toying with the idea of adding a blanket stitch to the top hem.... what d'ya think?

Love it though. It would make a great hostess or housewarming gift but I think this will stay with me. Can't wait to take it to the Farmer's Market this Sunday. Yeah!

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