What's Your Favor Fancy?

This year I was asked to head up the Favor Committee for our church's annual Women's Christmas Dinner. I was super excited and gladly accepted (in June!) and at the same time have been somewhat stressed out trying to come up with some ideas which I'll be presenting today. A think ahead planner I am not ~ I fall more into the the big time procrastinator category. Am I preachin' to the choir here? Anyone?

There's a bit of criteria I had to follow in deciding what to make: easy, relatively quick and no more than $1 per person. With the pages from a big, old dictionary for inspiration, I started trolling the internet for ideas and finally came up with three:

I had my own criteria in coming up with ideas: I didn't want this to be a favor that accidentally gets left on the table (know what I'm sayin? i've done it myself') and I wanted to present three items with different feels ~ something that could be used seasonally (the decoration), something that could be used throughout the year (the clothespins) and something that could be used that night (the little cone which will be filled with miniature shortbread cookies).

Which of the three favors do you fancy? Would you forget any of them? Are there favors that you've gotten at past functions that you've really loved?

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