For some time now I've been toying with the thought of starting a blog to share handmade gift ideas with anyone out there who may be looking for them. I find myself browsing the internet often and there are some amazingly creative people out there with fabulous ideas that are actually quite easy to do and sure to elicit much gushing excitement from the recipient.

Seriously though, how fun is it to give something that you've made to someone and they hold it in their hands and look at you and say, "You made this? It's gorgeous! I can't believe you made this!" And if you're at a baby or bridal shower, everyone who brought gifts from a store is a little envious of the precious hand embellished onesies, luxurious hand-knit scarf or glittering lavender sugar scrub that you made yourself; beautifully packaged and humbly presented.

So come along as I share my own ideas and ideas of others (all credit given to the originator, of course) that I'll make and give my take on as I share handmade gift ideas for holidays, particular events and special people (even the furry kind) in your life.

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