What's Up With The Dots?

i have some pet peeves.

cottony apples.
incompletely buttered toast.
weak handshakes.
weaker hugs.
chipped nail polish in blog tutorials and etsy shop pictures.
to name a few.

you probably have some too. maybe something that i do. like...what's up the seemingly endless times that i use "..." at the end of a word or a sentence that i put on a facebook post or my instagram descriptions? the way i just did in the previous sentence. why can't i just use regular punctuation like everyone else? maybe like you?

i get it. and i'm not actually sure why i do this so often. well, that's not entirely true because when i think about it, i do know why. it's because, for me, there's more implied. more to say. more meaning in what comes before those three little dots when i add them. not just saying the word or ending the sentence. i want to keep going and deepen the thought. or let the reader add their own meaning or just 'get it'.

another hat to keep you warm and toasty...
newest knitting fun. little birds...
"looks like i picked the wrong week to stop taking amphetamines..."
well...that's just because you're older than me
first...it's my absolute FAVORITE time of day.    

eventually, i'll probably do something else quirky. like type in all uppercase letters (smile) or never add any kind of punctuation and the latter is strange even to me as i'm one of those annoying people who will correct your grammar if i've known you long enough.

it's crazy.

in the meantime, what do you think of my new blog header? it's getting closer to what i really want it to be which is something that represents the fact that i dabble in all sorts of creative veins; not just one thing in particular. and i've shortened "make it give it" to migi. cute, easy to remember and it's already the name of my online shop. there will be a few more aesthetic changes coming soon so keep a weather eye open my lovelies...

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