Goat Milk Cappuccino

i go in spurts when it comes to drinking coffee. i might drink a cup each morning for a couple of weeks then switch to tea for a bit. this is because i drink coffee for the taste and not the pick-me-up that most others do and since my tastes change with my mood, well...

lately, i've been delving more and more into goat milk in all it's various guises and am really loving it; goat cream cheese = wow; goat butter = angel song. and lately the milk...yummm. today, i felt like sipping on a cappuccino and because i had some goat milk in the fridge i thought i'd experiment.

a little aside here. a lot of people can't tolerate dairy which isn't a newsflash. when this became more and more apparent many years ago, most popular coffee houses made soy milk available as a replacement to the usual cow's milk and those who were lactose intolerant could still enjoy a blended drink or just a regular cup of coffee. now i'm starting to notice almond, hemp and coconut milk showing up as well which is great for those who have forgone dairy completely or just want to make a healthier choice.

as i mentioned in this post, there are several benefits that come with drinking goat milk, one of which being that it's easier to digest than cow milk and therefore usually tolerated by those who can't handle lactose. so, a cappuccino with goat milk? yes please!

the verdict...pretty good. a bit 'goaty' which does change the flavor of the coffee a bit but, in my experience, soy milk does the same thing due to it's flavor and to some degree, so do the others. it definitely frothed up beautifully though and looked exactly the same as if it were made with cow milk. since i haven't come across any coffee houses that offer goat milk as an alternative, you may be trying this at home for the time being but i hope you do. come back and tell me what you think.


  1. I have never tried goats milk, but this looks really yummy! Thanks for sharing with us this week at Monday Funday!

    Take care,


  2. I am going too try this as I can't tolerate cows milk anymore. I'm tied of drinking straight espresso shots and black coffee.

    Any tips on what type/brand to buy?


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