Eggcellent Message

I can't remember the last time that I colored Easter eggs but I found myself completely inspired by this post over at Poppy Talk and thought I'd give it a try plus, this is something I try to do each Christmas ~ to give my kids something that I've made for them ~ so I plunged right in.

First, a little things about blowing out the innards of an egg: push pins work great for making the holes (a little something more to hold onto than a plain needle) and the yolks come out more easily when the eggs are room temp and you've loosened up the yolk (I used a small cable hook for this process).

Once I blew them out and then rinsed them, I dried them out in a 300 degree oven for 10 minutes, got out some long bamboo skewers and stood them in my fruit bowl which became a great place to set them once I'd painted them. A good drying spot.

Then I just got a little creative and followed the directions at Poppy Talk. I switched from graph paper to tissue paper cause it was what I had on hand plus it's easy to roll and bendable.

Super cute though, right? The kids will like them - especially the cracking open part so don't get too attached to your artwork. Happy Easter! He Is Risen!!!


  1. Those are so cute. The kids will think that you are so smart!

  2. I think you've started a sweet tradition. The eggs are beautiful--little works of art. As usual, you've inspired me.

  3. These are so wonderful! And I love how you used the tissue paper! I've featured you on my post 'eggs, REAL eggs...a tribute to the real egg on Easter':


    Thanks for sharing...also your newest follower!


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