Elegant Pedestal

I'm always amazed at what can be found through thrifting and then turned into something one might find in a fancy boutique either to purchase or as part of a display. Pedestal serving pieces are some of my favorites; they're not only easy to make ~ they can be done inexpensively and are completely customizable like this one I made a while back.

I got inspired by this post over at The Speckled Dog and really liked the wood pieces as a medium. Aren't they sweet?

So, a few weeks ago I was browsing at my local Salvation Army specifically looking for wood pieces and came across this tarnished silver candle stick and wooden plate. 30% off of everything too so these two pieces just cost me $3.20!

So, not my original plan but I really liked the idea of putting silver and wood together; kinda Colonial America.

Not that I'm versed in Colonial American decor or anything but when I put it together I wasn't as WOWED as I thought I'd be so, as any self-respecting crafter would do, I got out my paints and glue and sanding blocks and set to work.

First a creamy yellow all around. Then a creamy white. Then sanding (Hey - don't knock the emery board. It worked great. Very coarse and bendy) and gluing.

I brushed on and lightly wiped off some metallic silver paint and then put on a coat of satin interior varnish.

I like it much better this way. I have some pine cones that I'm going to do up with silver paint for Christmas (I know, I know. Just thinking ahead) but you could do just about anything with it. I went back to the S.A. last week to see if they had any more candlesticks and wooden plates and, of course, they were out. But I'm still on the look out cause I love the way it turned out and definitely want to make several more!

Makes a great gift for your friends who like things with a shabby and vintage feel! Oooo...or to hold candles or pearls or shells or dainty cookies dusted with powdered sugar.

Don't get me started!

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  1. I've started finding these glued-together glass creations in antique shops! You girls and your creativity are getting really popular!

  2. Hi Annalea...

    Wowzer...I just love how this project turned out! Looks like you had fun too! What a grand idea for creating a pretty pedestal dish...I just love it! I like the soft yellow and creamy white distressed finish too! The trio of pears looks fabulous atop your pretty new pedestal plate! Thank you so much for sharing this fun project with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party this week! I would love to make one of these! Great tutorial, my friend!

    Warmest spring wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  3. Linking this up with us made the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop better and more special. Thank you!

  4. Great transformation! I love it!

  5. This is awesome!! LOVE IT! Stopping by from TT&J!


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