Favors Favors Everywhere!

I can't believe I haven't posted in over two months! It's not like I haven't been crafting ~ clearly (see above) ~ it's just a whirlwind of stuff that's been going on in my life which would require time, snacks and copious amounts of wine to tell you about so instead I'll just show you some pics of the favors I've been working on. Remember my last post where I showed you the ideas I'd come up with for our church's annual Women's Christmas Dinner? You all liked the ornament which ended up getting the most votes by the ladies putting this shindig together and I became a paper pleating, fabric rose making and glittering machine. 260 of these little babies! Fortunately, I had lots of great help which made the jump in number (an extra 100) easier to swallow.

The dinner was last night and the sanctuary looked lovely decked out in "rustic royalty": gold, burlap, red and creamy muslin. Every plate was home to a favor for each of the ladies who attended and I secretly watched several of them pick theirs up and 'ooooo' and 'ahhhhh' over them. Smile.

The jury's still out on whether or not I'll do this again next year but for now, I'm done and I can focus on decorating my own home for Christmas. Believe it or not, I'm making some of these for our tree too. They are pretty and versatile when it comes to color, fabric and ribbon.

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