Over The Moon!

Okay...so i'm totally excited! My most favorite store in Belmont Shore ~ Blue Windows ~ has taken some ornaments I made on consignment! How cool is that?!? I went in today to take some pics of the display; it looks so pretty.

I've been shopping here for over 12 years; I'm so in love with it. It's one of those stores that you can always find the perfect gift in....always. And at Christmas time they put out the greatest ornaments; different...artisan...vintage...classy. I'd made the angel wings and little rosette wreaths and I thought, "What the heck! I'm going to take these in and see if the owner would be interested in them." Why not, right? You only live once and I'm so done with holding back because of whatever reason(s) I tell myself. The worst she could say is "no." And you know what....she didn't.

In fact, when she called me to talk about having them in the store, she said that the rosette ornaments looked familiar to her and had I just made some for a Christmas dinner at a church? Well, indeed I had ~ the same dinner she'd attended! Crazy right? That's so God! Anyway, I don't know if they'll sell. Naturally, I hope they do but I'm just over the moon that something I made is IN. A. STORE. Woo Hoo! And hey, if you live in Long Beach or nearby, pop on into the store to check it out along with my little pretties. I just know they'd look great on your tree.

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  1. Congrats! Love the ornaments. I'm a new follower. Warm wishes


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