New Year...New Projects...New Possibilities...

It seems like the older I get, the faster the years go by. I think it's because I pretty much hit the ground running each morning and before I know it, the day is done, it's time for bed and on to the next day. So it's no surprise that, kitchen calendar notwithstanding, the new year is upon me and I'm faced with looking ahead at new projects and new possibilities.

First things first, I've updated the look of my blog ~ it was time for a change and one of the things I really want to do this year is open an online store so this was kind of in preparation for that and I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog which is driving me crazy because it has to be just right you know?

I'm excited though! Excited about working on all the projects swirling around in my head, about finally listening to ~ and doing something about ~ the many dear family and friends who've encouraged me to sell my work. Excited about making a space for myself and discovering more about Annalea this year; of letting go...letting in...going deeper. And sometimes, for me, it's easier to do that when I've got a new little pretty to wear.

Hello jewelry and fabric stash. Hello Pinterest inspiration. Hello new necklace!

I had the chain, the fabric, the burlap (don't toss those scraps yet) and the cool button. I actually stitched the chain to the back of the fabric flower which I sandwiched together by sewing the button on first. Each circle is two layers with the one on top being slightly smaller than the one underneath. The last circle was put on with fabri-tac after I attached the chain to hide the stitches and give it a clean look. A toggle clasp in the back finishes it off.

Love love love it! Quick to make, pretty to look at and the perfect "just because" gift for a friend.


  1. very cute - I love the rustic look of it! YUM! p.s. I'm having my first ever linky right now & would love to have you come over to join in the fun now & every Tuesday! xoxo


  2. I LOVE the new look on your blog. Your "makes me happy" page is by far my favorite "about the blogger" I've ever read. It's like reading poetry. How appropriate. For you.

  3. I love. love. love that necklace! The texture and colors are great! I would love for you to share it at Find Your Craft Friday!


  4. What a great necklace, you should join me in "Handmade 52" this year!

  5. @{northern cottage}

    thanks so much for the props and the invite! i'll be sure to link up.

  6. @Angela

    thank you sweet angela! your opinion warms my heart and holds great meaning for me. love you bunches and crunches!

  7. @Liz @ thequickjourney.blogspot.com

    liz, i'm so glad you love the necklace - i can totally picture you wearing it! and thanks so much for the invite. i've linked up.

  8. @Katie

    thanks for the invite to join you in "handmade 52", katie. i'm totally up for the challenge! and hey, i noticed you're in so cal. so am i and so is angela up above. if you'd ever like to get together, just shoot me an email and we can chat about it.

  9. Very cute!

    @Creatively Living

  10. Cute necklace! Love the texture and the splash of color paired with the burlap. Thank you so much for sharing with air your laundry Friday! xo Jami

  11. Oh, Annalea, that's so cute!
    Thanks for sharing it on our Friday FREE-FOR-ALL! I'd love it if you would grab our button for your blog :)

    BTW, I really like the quote from Shauna Niequist you have up there. She's the daughter of my pastor, and quite and amazing woman. (Not that I know her personally or anything.) I hopped over to your other blog and I'm a follower there, now.

    All the best,
    ~ Dana

    1. thanks, dana. i'll definitely grab a button :) shauna niequist is such an amazing writer - i'd love to get one of her books sometime. and thanks for checking out and following my other blog. appreciate it.


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