Me, Myself and My Blog. Day 2...A Couch

i want a new couch. 

i need a new couch. 

no. wait. i seriously need a new couch. the one i have ~ pictured above ~ is 12-years-old. perhaps not old as some couches go and by this what i really mean is some couches that are rarely sat upon and reside in homes with adult children or no children at all. 

after my first husband passed away, i moved from the san fernando valley back to my home town of long beach. i bought my first house and gutted and painted and sanded it into a sweet little home for me and my two boys. i bought new everything from the skin out, one of which was said couch: custom, slip-covered, down. truly, the most comfortable couch i had ever sat upon. it has moved with me three times. it has been slept on, spilled on, colored on. i've shared glasses of wine with friends on this couch. i've nursed my youngest child on it, cried on it, convalesced on it, opened christmas presents on it. i've fought with my husband on it, made major decisions from it, made love on it, watched favorite movies from it's deep cushions. amazingly, it is the only place where i can actually nap.

it's time, however, is coming to a close. irreparable wear and tear have moved beyond having a new slip cover made or updating the pillows and as much as i long for a new couch, letting this one go feels like the end of an era. the end of 12 years of my life during which A LOT has happened. i'll keep it a few more months while i search for a suitable replacement. for now, an occasional touch on the arm, an indulgent glance at the feathers which constantly litter the floor around it, the daily plumping of slouching cushions keep me in mind of the life that's been lived on my stoutharted companion.

thank you, old friend...


  1. I will miss our fluffy old friend, with fond memories.

    1. oh baby...we can say goodbye together.


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