Me, Myself and My Blog. Day 4...A Badass BLT

unless it's because of a special diet or religious observance, i've never met anyone who doesn't like bacon.  i happen to love it. like, i want to marry it love it. for me it's one of those things that as soon as i smell it cooking i want to eat it; even if i've already eaten and am quite full...like when you smell bbq or chocolate chip cookies or fresh bread. you get the idea.

yesterday was a day that called for a blt. and not just any 'ole blt...a BADASS BLT!!! crispy baguette slathered with garlic herb mayo and piled high with crunchy lettuce, sweet tomatoes and lots and lots of thick smokey bacon. you know that moment when you know exactly what you want to eat and set about making it happen. that was me. first up, the mayo. no real recipe here, just took a cup of prepared mayonnaise and added about two generous tablespoons of chopped fresh herbs (rosemary and thyme. it's what i had on hand ~ use whatever you happen to have), five cloves of finely minced garlic (i went a bit overboard here cuz that's how i do it. adjust to your taste), about a teaspoon of lemon zest and salt and pepper to taste. mix it up and use it generously. there will be left overs ~ yeah!!! ~ so just put it in a jar and keep it in the fridge. it'd be great on fish, chicken, steak, steamed veggies...get crazy!

isn't it pretty? and sooooo good! i'm thinking about whether or not i have enough left over to make another one for lunch today. m hm, i'm pretty sure i do! if you love bacon like i do, you should make this for yourself sometime; or, at least, something else with bacon that's equally as BADASS. you deserve it!

be sure to let me know what you end up with. inquiring minds and all... 

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